Tuesday, October 12

Ready for an autograph?

Bonjour my French fans! Comment ça va? How to answer this question? Please check out the post on Friday 8th October. Those who are following regularly, they already know the answer. I hope you impressed people around you with these two simple but very powerful words ‘Bonjour’ and ‘Merci’. Let’s move one step ahead. Today we will learn how to introduce yourself. Watch out because you are going to meet some famous people here. Be ready to take autographs!

1. Bonjour!

Je m’appelle Kareena Kapoor.

Je suis actrice.

Je suis indienne.

2. Bonjour!

Je m’appelle Meryl Streep

Je suis actrice.

Je suis américaine.

3. Bonjour!

Je m’appelle Steve Martin

Je suis comédien

Je suis américain.

4. Bonjour!

Je m’appelle Thierry Henry.

Je suis footballeur.

Je suis français.

Did you understand? Isn’t it simple to learn by examples? I wish I could teach by French-French method but for that I need to interact with you. For now replace the name,profession and nationality of any one of the persons who introduced themselves above with your name,profession and nationality and voilà! Here you are transformed in français!

Send me a mail to get a list of nationalities in French and ask me for your profession too. I am waiting.

fig:1 I was there to watch the shooting of Pink Panther 2 at Eiffel tower, Paris but unfortunately it wasn't Steve Martin who did the stunt otherwise I would have dashed in to get an autograph.

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