Friday, October 15

Publish some articles first

Articles are very important in French because all things living or non-living have a gender and if you do not know which article to put you change everything. Boy becomes a girl and girl becomes boy, it's serious, isn't it? Don't worry! We will see what are the most important articles. I am giving the Hindi phonetics beside the French word for my Indian readers, I am also trying to upload an audio file so that you can hear and practice.

The articles are divided in two categories, definite and indefinite. The indefinite articles are Un एं(masculine singular ) ,Une इयून (feminine singular) and Des दे (Plural). The definite articles are Le ल (masculine singular), La ला (feminine singular), L' ( words starting with a vowel either of masculine or feminine gender) and Les ले (Plural).

Indefinite articles
1.Un café
2.Une révolution
3.Des cafés
Definite articles
1. Le mont Everest
2. La tour Eiffel
3. L'océan Atlantique
4. Les misérables (One of Victor Hugo's famous novels)

The difference between French indefinite articles 'Un,Une & Des' and definite articles ''Le, La, L' & Les ' is the same as between English 'a ' and 'The'. Un café could be any coffee shop but Le mont Everest because there is only one in this world. Send me a mail for more examples.
fig.1 The famous French daily newspaper 'Le Monde' ( The world)

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