Friday, October 8

Merci is as gentle as flowers

Do you still have the yummiest chocolate taste in your mouth and smell of fresh bread that stayed with you whole day along ? If no then go to a bakery one morning just to preserve that flavor in your mind and remember it everyday when you wake up, there is nothing else like that to start a nice day with. And then one day you will say to me ‘Merci’ . This is the next key word in any conversation. Bonjour is the key to open any door and Merci is the handle to close that door gently so that you may open it again without any problem next time. We learnt to open and close but what is in between? How to fill in that gap? Let’s see.

There is a parcel delivery for Madame Gerbaud, she opens the door and here is a small conversation between her and the mail man.

Bonjour , Madame Gerbaud. Comment ça va ?

Ça va bien. Merci.

Could you guess what was the dialogue? Just think for a minute and then I will give you the translation.

Exactly! This is it.

Good morning Mrs.Gerbaud. How are you?

I am fine. Thank you.

So you saw how we opened the conversation and then closed it, still it’s a tini-tiny dialogue. We will see later on how to complicate it, mean while you can practise these two sentences with your friends or family.

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