Wednesday, October 20

Ask some questions

I am watching 'Julie & Julia ' simultaneously while writing this post. I am absolutely in love with this film. I have already seen it 5-6times. Why? because I am connected to these ladies in some way. I live in France, love French cuisine and married to a very nice guy like them. One more common factor 'blogging' so let's start rolling this blog. You learn faster if you ask questions. It is true for anything, so be curious, ask QUESTIONS. After four years of fruitless attempts and experiments to teach an European an Indian language I finally had my first success. Of course that European is my husband and I am proud to tell that now he can speak few sentences of Hindi because I taught him to ask questions. We will do the same.

1. Bonjour!

Je m'appelle Creative Polyglot.

Comment tu t'appelles? (What's your name?)

Je m'appelle....................

( It's your turn to answer.)

Bonjour, Je m'appelle Julie.

Comment tu t'appelles?
Je m'appelle Julia.

2. Bonjour Julie!

Qui est-ce? (Who is it?) (की एस?)

C'est Julia. (It's Julia.)

Bonjour Julia!

Qui est-ce?

C'est Isabelle.

Keep asking questions!


Fée Chocolat! said...

That is an intersting way of making person to learn a new language :)
Keep going!

Creative Polyglot said...

Yeah a well proved method! :) thanks.

Pallavi Ivaldi (Reddy) said...
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Pallavi Ivaldi (Reddy) said...

Thanks to you!! I have succeed to do the same!!! Finally Paul can speak few of hindi sentences too !! :)

Thanks and keep writing!!