Saturday, October 30

Jean Paul Gaultier's magic potion

I was drifting on Mozart's music waves and staring at the long row of buildings out of my window. Suddenly a thought flashed in my mind, I have to write something! I picked up the note-book, it's just not 'A' simple note-book because the great designer & creator Jean Paul Gaultier signed his autograph in it. Creativity is flowing through its pages and spilling out of it. Quickly I rushed to kitchen took a glass,collected the precious nectar in it and gulped it down. I was sure it would wake up my sleeping imagination. In few seconds it was running through my veins, eager to reach up to the brain. Soon my eyes were glowing and hands hurried up to grab a pen. Words converted in sentences and sentences in to form of a poem. I wrote poems in Hindi for years then I don't know what hindered me from painting the word picture. Today Jean Paul Gaultier brought me back but the credit goes to one of my friends too who encouraged me few days back to restart. I am posting this poem below,unfortunately only my Indian friends and readers will be able to understand it as it's in Hindi. Who knows? I might start writing in English and French too if I continue to drink JPG brand magic potion. Wait for it!

बातें हवाओं से करती , पंख पंछियों के छूती
कितनी ऊँची है ये गगनचुम्बी इमारतें,
अनगिनत झरोखों का घर हैं और इन झरोंखो में
कितनी कहानियाँ छुपायें बैठी हैं ये इमारतें,
कहानियाँ कहाँ हुई शुरू और कहाँ खत्म,
सोचा नहीं किसीने ढूंडा नहीं किसीने,
एक अनकही अनजानी किताब है ये इमारतें,
एक कोई जाता है और हज़ार आ जातें हैं,
आने-जाने वालों का मेला है ये इमारतें,
मेले की भीड़ में खो जातें हैं लोग,
याद नहीं आती उनकी किसीको,
वे चले जाते है, धुआं-धुआं हो जाते हैं,
उड़ जाता है धुआं झरोंखों से और नई खुशबू लेकर
आने वालों के लिए दरवाजें खोल देती है ये इमारतें.


Ron said...


Just wanted to stop by and say thank you for dropping by my blog earlier today. It was very nice meeting you.

"it's just not 'A' simple note-book because the great designer & creator Jean Paul Gaultier signed his autograph in it."

WOW...Jean Paul Gaultier? How fabulous!

Isn't it amazing how inspiration comes to us>

Creative Polyglot said...

Yeah inspirations can come from anywhere.