Thursday, October 28

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Creative Polyglot is coming out of the shadow of Polyglutton and trying to find her way to Kingdom of France. How to find the way if you don’t know how to ask questions? We will continue our journey through the farm of questions to get back to Formidable France. In last lesson we learnt how to ask two questions:

Comment tu t’appelles? What’s your name?

Qui est-ce? Who is it?

A story of three friends in a college at Paris, Anita, Amrita and Amandine. Anita and Amandine know each other and Amrita will be their new friend. On first day of college Anita sees a lost girl, she goes over and introduces herself.

Bonjour, Je m’appelle Anita.

Comment tu t’appelles?

Bonjour, Je m’appelle Amrita.

Next day Amandine sees her best friend with a new girl.

Bonjour Anita!

Qui est-ce ?

C’est Amrita. (It is Amrita)

Bonjour Amrita!

Je m’appelle Amandine.

You observed one thing that they gave the password ,asked some questions and in return got a brand new friend. What is the password? It’s not only a password or ‘mot de passe’ as they call it in french to open a box of chocolates but to make friends too. Read the October 6th lesson and start making friends. Of course the story of these three friends doesn’t end here, it’s just the begining. And you are going to enjoy the ride.

Amrita is discovering Paris with her new friends. They are roaming around eating delicious Italian ice-cream. (You see Polyglutton is still trying to take hold of Polyglot, I have to be strong and not think too much of food.)

Amrita: Qu’est-ce que c’est?

Anita : C’est une cathédrale, la notre dame de Paris.

Amrita : C’est jolie.

After few minutes.

Amrita : Qu’est-ce que c’est?

Amandine : C’est l’arc de triomphe.

Amrita : C’est grand !

(I am really hoping that she doesn’t ask this question for Eiffel tower. Everybody knows the mighty tower? Dont’ you?)

Amrita: Qu’est-ce que c’est?

Anita : C’est un musée, le musée du Louvre.

Amrita : C’est beau.

Paris is quite big and I am really tired walking all over the city with these energy packed girls. I have to go and get an ice-cream or why not an Indian kulfi. Did you guess what was the question Amrita was repeating again and again? I am sure you did, if not then write me or I will give the answer in next lesson. If you are wondering what are these words Le, La and L’ then you can find the answer immediately in 15th October lesson. There are two more new prepositions ‘de’ and ‘du’ that we will discuss in next lesson.

Jolie = Beautiful, Pretty

Beau = Beautiful, Lovely

Grand = Big

Photo.1 'La notre dame de Paris' No doubt it is very beautiful

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