Tuesday, November 9

Who is Brad Pitt?

Anita, Amandine and Amrita or the ‘Triple A’ are on Christmas vacations and going to visit the beautiful coast line of Brittany (Bretagne). They take a Paris-Brest TGV (Très grande vitesse) or Very fast speed train. In the train they meet Nolwenn a lady from Bretagne and the conversation begins.

Nolwenn: Bonjour

Triple A: Bonjour

Nolwenn: Comment vous vous appelez ?

Amrita : Je m’appelle Amrita, elle s’appelle Anita et elle s’appelle Amandine.

Nolwenn : Jolis prénoms !

You must have noticed that there are two new sentences that we haven’t yet learnt but it is in the same series as “Comment tu t’appelles ?” .

“Comment vous vous appelez?” is used

  • In plural
  • In singular in a formal way or for en elderly person


It’s the first day of my French class and I would like to know the names of my new students.

Me: Comment vous vous appelez?

Students : Je m’appelle Kristina, Je m’appelle Mary, Je m’appelle Brian………………etc.

If I ask the famous Hollywood star Brad Pitt the same question then first of all people will think that I am from another planet who doesn’t know him but still I will not say "Comment tu t’appelles?" I will phrase the question in a very formal way.

Me: Comment vous vous appelez?

Brad Pitt: Je m’appelle Brad Pitt. Je suis acteur.

Me : Comment elle s’appelle ? (I point out to the beautiful lady beside him)

Brad Pitt : Elle s’appelle Angelina Jolie.

You must have guessed by now that ‘Elle’ is one of the French pronouns. What are the others?



First person

Je = I

Nous = We

Second person

Tu = You, Vous = You

Vous = You

Third person

il = He , Elle = She

Ils = They (masculine), Elles = They (feminine)

There are so many things to remember and learn so I am going to pause the Paris-Brest journey of Triple A. We will resume it very soon but by next time I would like you to revise all the lessons.

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