Wednesday, December 22

My stop at Paris

How many aventures you had during your around the world in 64 sentences? I grabbed this chance to fly to magical Paris and had not only one but a series of adventures. I arrived in Paris on the day when the whole city was paralyzed because of heavy snow-fall, spent four hours at the railway station but finally reached my hotel . For the next one I wasn't even prepared. I was all happy and gay wondering around Paris capturing each and every view of Eiffel tower, last stop was Galeries Lafayette to admire the marvelous decoration instead I tumbled from top to bottom on greasy stairs of a café again fortunately nothing broken just some shock. Later on I was mesmerized by the beauty of the Galerie, it was worth falling down for that view. I apologize for not posting yet the next lesson. I will do it very soon and I wish you a very merry christmas!

Photo 1 & 2 Galeries Lafayette's Christmas decorations
Photo 3 Giant Christmas tree inside the Galeries

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modaspia said...

beautiful! lucky you..