Sunday, December 5

Around the world in 64 sentences

Last time Sherlock Holmes helped us to solve the mystery of pronominal verbs but who is going to take us on a tour to the planet ‘to’? home to many ‘to’s. How many are there? You have to choose a ‘to’ for a city, one for a country and another for a discotheque or a movie theater! List is long but not endless.


Preposition à

Je vais à Paris. Tu vas à Mumbai.


In French everything has a gender so the countries are divided not in continents but in masculine and feminine genders. The countries given below are on feminine side, India, Italy or France seems to have some feminity but I don’t understand why Great Britain and Spain are feminine ? We can even organise a debate on this issue!

La France, La Suisse (Switzerland) , La Grande Bretagne (Great Britain), L’Inde(India), L’Italie(Italy), L’Espagne (Spain), La Chine(China)

All the continents are feminine :

L’Asie, L’Afrique, L’Amérique du nord , L’Amérique du sud, L’Europe, L’Australie and L’Antartique

Preposition En (ɑ̃)

En is used as ‘to’ for a country or a continent that has a feminine name. Literal meaning of ‘en’ is ‘in’ but here it is ‘to’.

Je vais en France. Je vais en Italie.

Je vais en Inde. Je vais en Grande Bretagne.

je vais

tu vas

il /elle va

nous allons

vous allez

ils/elles vont






Grande Bretagne




You can make at least 64 sentences with the help of this table. Enjoy the tour around the world in 64 sentences! Journey continues in next lesson.

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