Tuesday, October 26

Creative Polyglot alias Polyglutton

I wonder if Polyglot is on the way to become a Polyglutton. I am about to cross all the limits and boundries to obtain this award. My poor stomach was crying out in agony and urging me to halt but I did not listen and continued to devour my master creation. If my husband would not have stopped me to finish the last bit of this silky smooth dish I would have achieved this honour today only. This morning I tried a new recipe of Butter Chicken and the result was marvelous, I was in heaven for few minutes. The aroma is still lingering, can't you feel a sweet odour is pouring in through the internet in to your house? I hope one day it's possible. Believe me if you prepare this dish it will create an explosion of flavour and saveur and take you to a realm where you are the king. Leave a comment to get a ticket to this kingdom.

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