Monday, October 4

French makes you feel hungry?

One thing was sure that French made all the students in the class including my professor very-very hungry. Yeah it was a morning class and nobody had time to eat breakfast at 6a.m but still how it’s possible that a language can make you feel hungry? well they ate half of the letters in each word! I mean they did not pronounce them. Sorry,I may be exaggerating a little bit but most of the time atleast 2-3 letters in the end of a word are never pronounced. My national language Hindi and mother tongue Marathi are phonetic languages that means we read as it is written, English is everywhere around us in India and we learn it since our childhood so it’s not a foreign language for us. I thought French is going to be a trouble.....................

P.S. In the photo gorgeous 'Apéritif Buffet' at our wedding.

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