Thursday, September 30

Books and writers and French lessons

Hi everyone! If someone is still reading this blog. I have a perfect explanation for my absence, I was in India on my annual pilgrimage and just got back last week. There was a big book-fair in my home-town and I took full advantage of it and brought back home Agatha Christie, Vikram Seth and few other Indian writers. I don't have to worry to buy books for at least 3-4 months till I finish all these master-pieces.
Back home here in France a movie surprised me. I wanted to see 'Julie and Julia' when it was released few months back but some how I missed it but got it on TV here last week. Sometimes I think that Nora Ephron the director of 'Julie and Julia' makes movies just for me. Her 'You 've got mail' is one of my favorites and now this film is added in my list too. A wonderful and inspiring true story of a simple secretary who becomes a writer because of her cooking blog. Julie Powell decides to prepare 524 recipes in 365 days from Julia Child's cook book, in spite of all the problems she succeeds and becomes famous in the end. Julie was inspired by Julia and I am inspired by her to write something daily. No, I am not going to start a cooking blog but lets see what do I really like? well I like to learn and teach languages, so why don't I try to post a French lesson everyday. What do you think? Would you like to learn?

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