Thursday, November 26

Street Shops

Young and handsome entrepreneurs

So many bangles! Difficult to choose.

Roasted corn

Delicious Indian snacks

Meal on wheels

Fresh vegetables at your doorstep

Designer street bags

Chic wrist watches
'Incredible India' that is what everybody calls her and they are absolutely right. These street shops are the heart beat of Indian life style. You do not go to the super market the super market comes to you. You demand and it arrives at your door step from vegetables to fabrics. If you go in city then market is full of small food stalls on wheels or vendors sitting on the foot-paths selling watches,bags,clothes etc. You can do all your shopping at the street mall and enjoy the real Incredible India simultaneously.


Veda Murthy said...

I love this post! so beautifully shown! and i love the roasted corns! its so cold out here ...i could definitely eat one!


Creative Cotton said...

Yeah it was so good to shrink the teeth in the juicy roasted corn. I have to wait a year to do that again.