Tuesday, November 24

Curvy Clutch

Hello everyone! Has any one visited the Better Homes & Gardens and tried a pattern? I would like to know if you made something and if you had some difficulties making it because that will help me too. I have not yet started working on flowery clutch but I completed a curvy clutch yesterday. I loved the feminine shape of this clutch that is why I was very eager to make it, the photos are here but I can not show you the inside as it gave me a sewing nightmare. The clutch is small so you can not put it around the machine arm and you have to sew inside the bag that is horrible because you can not reach the end of the edges, secondly the last finishing step is to close the front opening with Slip Stich with hand sewing that is quite tedious and it takes ages. The ladies who finish this clutch perfectly are either geniuses or I do not know how to sew or they have found some other method to put the lining and the flap. Please share with me too. :-(
Still I was happy to use the black lace that I brought from India it gave a magic touch to clutch.


Once Upon A Tea Time said...

Good luck with the clutch!

Creative Cotton said...

Thanks for the comment. I discovered a little bit your blog too. It's lovely but I don't know how to post a comment on it. If you visit my blog again then please tell me how to do it.

Freshly Found said...

It looks very elegant!

Ounï said...

Oh il est très réussi!!!! Bravo! Je suis débordée en ce moment, je crois que le mois de décembre va être très chargé mais dès que j'ai un peu de temps je t'appelle!