Thursday, June 25

The new machine/La nouvelle star

Here she is! I present you my new machine ' brother innovis-30'. Green bag is her first creation but I am expecting lot more from her. We are a team now. Let's see what miracles we can create together. :)

Voilà ! Je vous présente ma nouvelle machine 'brother Innovis-30'. Le sac vert est sa première création mais j'attends beaucoup plus d'elle. Nous sommes une équipe maintenant. Voyons quelles jolies choses on créera ensemble!


Anonymous said...

So what are your coming attractions with your new team-mate? She looks versatile and easy to use.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I didnt gave my name. Put the photos as soon as you finish your projects.


Morgane said...

Quelle jolie machine! Où tu l'as acheté? Sur l'internet ou dans un magasin.