Tuesday, July 21

Alankar/ Bijoux

4 Two-in-one necklace
6 Reversible necklace

Alankar is a Sanskrit word that means jewellery and they say it's the best friend of a woman. I can not deny it, of course there are some other things too but it has got a top place in the list of things a woman loves. Branded or not, expensive or cheap, natural or artificial, ornaments are always beautiful. Here are some of my favorite necklaces. May be you can suggest a name to some of them.
Alankar est un mot sanskrit qui signifie un bijou. On dit que c'est le meilleur ami d'une femme. Je ne peux pas le nier, bien sûr il y a d'autres choses aussi mais il est placé très haut dans la liste des choses qu'une femme aime. De marque ou non, cher ou bon marché, naturels ou artificiels, des bijoux sont toujours très beaux. Voici mes colliers préférés. Pouvez-vous donner un nom à chacun d'eux?


Glass Beads said...

Thank you so much for dropping in. you too have a beautiful blog. I liked the necklaces so much but could not name them. the bags are also cute.


Saniya said...

I would like to call the first one 'Wild beauty'

goldendovedesign said...

Thank you for your nice comments about my blog. Yours is lovely too! Your designs are really unique.

Morgane said...

Jolis colliers! Je nomme le no.3 'Ancient delight'que je trouve le plus original et les ronds ont la forme des pièces anciennes. Où tu les a achété?

Veda Murthy said...

very beautiful collection!!!!!

Shillu said...

Hey - U have a beautiful Blog & You are very talented!

Parusha said...

Wonderful post! And thank you for your support and encouragement over at my blog. I've really enjoyed reading yours and will keep checking you out here even though I've giving mine up x