Monday, May 18

Discovery of Paradise

I found the paradise! Yeah for me the paradise is the new fabric shop in my city. I can spend hours there choosing and even just looking at the wide variety of fabrics available in this wonderful and huge store. My hubby compared my reaction when entered in the shop to the small animal in the movie Ice Age who finally enters the heaven and is totally mesmerized looking at the huge nut. :-) Well I guess he's right, I was speechless there. So here are some fabrics I bought there, some very original ones and some are that I found in small weekly bazar for a very cheap price.


Parusha said...

I'm the same whenever I go into a fabric shop. I'm always mesmerised. Unfortunately I'm not that familiar with the brand Silver. I have a Singer sewing machine. But I found a website that might be of some use:

Good luck!

Parusha said...

Thanks for your comment! Your hubby's right! Nobody can bother you there. Hope you're having a lovely day in France!