Monday, April 20


The new star-trek film is coming soon! I simply cant wait to watch it. Star Trek is one of the greatest science-fiction series and films ever made. I ll say its the best, a perfect mix of technology and humanity. There were so many people who got their inspiration from it and transformed their imagination in real things. Creator of i pod got the brilliant idea from a character 'Data' and now he's working on the holodeck and who knows may be one day we ll travel the infinite universe with warp engines. I would like that they make the transporter first so that I can go to India to see my family whenever I want. For now its the telephone that takes me there everyday,when I call it's like someone says "Energize........!!" and I reach there in few seconds


Anisha said...

So you are a trekker too! It's amazing that you like craft and Science fiction. Strange mix but that's right no one can resist star-trek. I m also waiting for the movie.

Christine said...

yeah I like the word Energize that can take you to another world! I wish we had that technology:-(