Monday, March 30

Unfinished work




I ve already cut the fabric for two small handbags but as I dont ve the sewing machine I ve to wait some more time that these pieces of simple but colorful fabric take the form of a lovely bag. May be I ll try to go next week to my mother-in-law's place who has got a machine. Any unfinished work makes me conscious and uncomfortable still I vent lost my enthusiasm and determination to make these bags. :-) There are some "Before n after"(when I ll finish sewing ;-) )photos of these wannabe bags. I will send one of the patterns to the best commentator


Anisha said...

These are some original designs and I saw that you ve finished one of them. I would love to make one of these bags. I hope I 'll win the pattern if you do not recieve any other comments. :-)

Mariana said...

I 'm sorry anisha but you r not the only one who liked these bags. I would like to try these bags too. I dont know how to make my comment a winning comment but I would say that I welcome creative cotton in our craft community and that he/she keeps telling us about her new ideas.

Creative Cotton said...

I'm still waiting for some more comments so that I can choose the lucky winner. One more thing I m a 'She' :-)